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Guided Math Series Session # 6: Putting the Components Into Practice

Presented By

Christine Michalyshen

Series Sessions

Date Time
Monday, April 17, 2023 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM


Online Your Computer, Online, AB

Differentiation Using Guided Math: The goal of Guided Math is to meet students where they are in their learning trajectory.  Differentiation may be the single most important instructional move teachers can make as students return to classrooms with a greater range of needs due to time out of the classroom due to Covid -19. High quality differentiation focuses on learning rather than doing. These 6 sessions will focus on research based instructional strategies to support Guided Math and help your students achieve maximum growth and individual success.  All math teachers will benefit from these sessions whether they are new to Guided Math or have used it before. Teachers who are new to Guided Math are encouraged to register for all sessions. Teachers who have used Guided Math in the past may decide to choose the sessions that interest them most.

Session # 6

In this last session you will learn how to put all of the components into practice. You will have the skills and knowledge to fully implement a Guided Math classroom that allows students to experience success and maximum growth. We will discuss what to do if things aren't going as planned, and ensure time for a Q and A to answer any questions you might have as you continue to implement Guided Math.

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