About Us

About Us

What is Learning Network Educational Services?

Learning Network Educational Services is one of seven regional consortia in the province of Alberta. The consortia were established to provide professional development and training opportunities, which address the learning needs of school trustees, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and school councils in East Central Alberta, for the ultimate purpose of enhancing practice and improving student achievement.

Role of Key Learning Needs

The Learning Network is in continual collaborative conversations with all regional stakeholders and jurisdictions and their K-12 communities identifying and formalizing the key learning needs of each group. These conversations are mutually beneficial for stakeholders, jurisdictions and the Learning Network Educational Services.

Learning Network will have an informed basis for planning future professional development opportunities and at the same time will be responsive to stakeholder needs and priorities.

Learning Network's Mandate

  • To facilitate professional development, which supports the effective implementation of the Alberta Learning Business Plan, jurisdiction and school education plans, and Regional School Council Plans.
  • To facilitate professional development, which supports the effective implementation curricula, including instruction, assessment, and student learning outcomes.
  • To coordinate, broker, and act as a referral center to assist stakeholders to access available professional resources.
  • To deliver professional development based on the identified and emerging needs of educational stakeholders.
  • To promote and support the development of professional development leadership capacity.
  • To provide stakeholders with access to professional development at a reasonable cost.

Our Team

Todd Robinson

Executive Director

Jackie Ratkovic

Designer of Professional Learning

Charlie Kraig

Designer of Professional Learning

Lana Lane

Designer of Professional Learning

Celine Zevola

Executive Assistant

Plans & Reports


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